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Sandler's video collection showcases our global network of business experts to describe key sales and management concepts in everyday language.

A Decision Not to Make a Decision Is a Decision

Gary Harvey first introducted Brian Jackson to Sandler Training over 13 years ago.  Listen as he explains that a decision not to make a decision is a decision.

Know when to use product knowledge

The single biggest landmine that salespeople detonate is the mistake of allowing their product knowledge to tempt them into either selling too soon or allowing their ego to control the sales call.  To increase the time we spend on qualified prospects, we must have a much more self-disciplined process that delays the point at which we start selling until after the prospect has been fully qualified.

Nobody Cares About Your Products

Avoid talking about the advantages and benefits of your products or services until you've determined what they can do for your customer. Here's Andy McCreadie of Sandler Training to talk about tailoring your sales pitch to your client's needs.

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