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Sales Excellence Enablement

Integration of a playbook, with a proven sales methodology, into a CRM

CRM-Integrated Playbooks Drive Sales Process Execution

The central role of Sales Enablement is to equip salespeople with the means (tools, training, technology) to apply best practices throughout the sales process, and for sales managers to systematically coach them to do so.

That's the purpose of a CRM-integrated sales process playbook, which is why the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) has declared that the highest level of Sales Process maturity requires you to have your sales playbook integrated into your CRM.

Hosted by Daniel Zamudio, Founder & CEO, Playboox

A thought leader on the convergence of process and technology to drive sales productivity and effectiveness, Daniel's management philosophy is, "Have a process in place and fun in the process." 

Technology-Enabled Sales Playbook Advantages

By ‘technology-enabled sales playbook’ we mean a sales process playbook application that is integrated into your CRM. Here are some advantages of a CRM-integrated sales process playbook app:

  • Enables Agile Playbook Development.

    By leveraging the playbook authoring module and built-in playbook template, your time-to-playbook can drop from months to days.

  • Enables Iterative Playbook Development.

    The secret to good writing is editing. The sooner you publish, the sooner you can iterate. A technology-enabled playbook enables playbooks to be continually improved and up-to-date.

  • Enables Multiple Playbook Development.

    Having the ability to with just a few clicks clone and customize additional playbooks enables you to easily build multiple market-segment-specific playbooks.

  • Enables Crowdsourced Playbook Development.

    Having the ability to update your playbook or playbooks in real-time allows you to leverage user input and update your playbook to reflect the latest field-tested best practices.

Sales & Coaching Effectiveness

The ultimate benefit of a CRM-integrated sales process playbook is that it makes all of the best practices and sales tools referenced in your playbook easily accessible thereby significantly improving your sales strategy and sales process execution. Additional advantages of a CRM-integrated sales playbook include:

  • Makes Your Playbooks Actionable.

    Enabling your reps to select and apply playbooks to specific leads and deals makes your playbooks actionable and increases their utility by an order of magnitude.

  • Enables Guided Selling.

    A CRM-embedded sales process playbook will guide your salespeople to consistently apply best practices and tools at each stage of your sales process to specific leads and deals.

  • Enables Guided Coaching.

    A CRM-embedded sales process playbook provides the ideal framework to guide your managers to help reps assess and advance deals.

  • Enables Guided Deal Forecasting.

    By including a deal health assessment tool in the playbook that shows deal-specific stage and forecast category exit criteria progress, reps and managers can get on the same page about a deal’s forecast status.